Top 10 Long and short Hairstyles For Men

Long Hairstyles for Men are a work of art which has been transformed from generation to generation making them more and more impressive as the days go by. Hairstyles are nothing but styling up of the hair on you head from the scalp to give you an entirely different look and also make you look attractive and demand attention. At times hairstyles just don’t mean to style up your hair on your head but also could refer to your facial hair such as beard to get an aesthetic look in a while and make you look stunning all together. Hairstyles are taken seriously by each one and are a part of your personal grooming to stand apart from the majority and be noticeable almost the masses.

It is also included in fashion and cosmetics too as they play an important role in making or breaking the image of a particular brand or tag to which the theme might be resorted for. Many hairstyles have also been adapted from cultural and popular considerations too as right now in India there are many people who wear different kinds of hairstyles every day and all which give them a special code to know what they are and which religion they actually belong to. It basically gives you and identity to your personality and character to know everything about that person just by his/her’s hairstyles. But there are many forms of hairstyles resulting way back where we just lost track of time.

The art of braiding resulted way back almost 30000 years ago. Braiding sure is famous as of now but has lost the touch in the majority of the people. In the earlier days of mankind braiding of woman’s hair was considered to be very special and also enhance the mood of their loved ones.


There was special care taken just to maintain their hairstyles and not let anything happen to it all day long. Back then there were hundred’s of civilizations ruling across the world but one prominent civilization was the roman empire which was not only smart but very intelligent on whatsoever they did. Each and everything was a piece of art and class. This also included their hairstyles. They were weird and complicated but we’re majestic to look at and quite impressive.

Growing of hair for woman became a must since the Roman empire and we’re never allowed to cut their hair for whatsoever reason it may be. But ever since the Roman empire till the middle ages woman grew their hair as long as possible and never resented in cutting their hair but lavishly enjoyed in inventing newer and newer hairstyles every day for personal aesthetics and looks. During the reign of the roman empire, the woman in the dynasty had various kinds of hairstyles mostly extravagant and appealing but a majority of the females had an ornate style of arrangement of their long hair. But this became much tougher to maintain as the days went by and people shifted for a change and from the 15th century moving to the 16th century, the woman started having a high hairline on the forehead which was easy to maintain and not tough at all for regular wear.

How To Make The Most Of Long Hair

But this was all for the woman. For men it was a whole totally different scenario of various forms of hairstyles. Especially for the men in the European region they had hair as long as their neck and we’re no longer than their shoulders length. This was fashioned an accustomed as one of the appalling looks in the era. But in the early 17th century men grew longer hair and didn’t chip them off but instead, they had waves and curls which are quite interesting as many people of the opposite sex found is really attractive and desirable to look at. But this wasn’t worn by all as the style was mainly suited for the rich and the famous of that time but many men who couldn’t grow that long hair could help it but wear a wig which was introduced by King Louis XIII of France in the year 1624. Wigs became a revolution in the time of its Advent as it created a chance for every person to have long hair and also made them somewhat royal for once in their lifetime. But during him late 17th-century era the wigs were wavier and more curly.

This was for a really short time as the 18th century brought about slight improvements by making it shorter and also changing the color to white which was more classier than-than the 17th-century wigs. But this never made a proper impact for its adaptation but paved way for the neoclassical movement which made men have short hair for various purposes in the fashion industry. Along with this people always believed ​that facial hair never really meant anything but during the 19th-century mustaches, beards, sideburns made a major impact on the people if that era.

On the other hand from the 16th century to 19th-century woman’s hair grew smaller and smaller which made them look even more attractive than ever before. Even in the middle of the 18th century, the pouf style was developed which made the woman look really stunning in their looks in a whole. But during the first world war woman had short hair, as the trend helped them to maintain it easily and didn’t have any messy after effects and also was easier to manage in a whole.

But in the early 1950’s, there was a taste of the past with the curl as woman adopted it and combined it with their not so very long hair and curl to mix and match and invent newer ways to play around. But the fluctuating of hairstyles kept growing as the generations went by from the pixie cut in the 1960’s to the long loose wavy hair in the 1970’s, there was an immense change in the way people wore their hair and also did their hairstyles. In the 1960’s and 1970’s era many men and women adapted the style of having long hair which was both straight and loose.

In the year 1980 woman started to pull their hair back and make ponytails with the help of scrunchies. Later in the very same year, punk hairstyle became a revolution among most of the people as they thought it was cool and more appealing in a day to day Life. But as the days went by and generation started evolving into something more than what we witnessed from the very beginning of hairstyles. But all the various kinds of hairstyles came down to the gender. Every hairstyle is different from one another and also appealing in all ways possible.

A bit all this only makes sense when there is something supporting your hairstyles and that is your fashion sense. Cool Hairstyles for men good hairstyle can make you look good but if your dressing sense is wrong, the hairstyle also will start to look really miserable. But ever since the Advent of hairstyles the Young generation sure has a lot of interest in the world of fashion and accessories and other related stuff.

Filled with passion and excitement, your of the nation is always the one who pushes the nation I t the right path always and talking about the youth the hairstyles of them have changed a lot. From school to being a professional, hairstyles also have its tool in creating your chances in life or breaking them. But for now, we are talking about the hairstyles of girls and guys who attend college. The simple hairstyles which would, in turn, create ways to the good books of everyone and make life easier in college all ways possible.

Comb over haircut, Hair highlights, Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut, Bonding hairstyles


Hairstyles for Men | Boys

More than girls guys are more conscious about their looks when the come into college and have the upper swag to create a major impact on the first day itself. For a male, the first priority is their hair as that’s the first look anyone would take when they look at you and also make it a point to get to know you even without talking to you which gives a nice statement about urself depending on the style which your flowing with. But not only this, it has to he properly groomed and well arranged with proper cutouts as well. But for a man to change his looks it isn’t that simple as a girl to just change it from a pony to a braid or something like that. Men have to go the salon to even get the slightest of changes in the face and hair being a part of it they have to be very cautious about what they do, after all, looks are something which has to be taken care of with extreme care. And all of this when visited a saloon is the cheapest thing to do so changing of styles varies from a particular time interval and also on the nature of the person whether he wants to change it or not. But all this is restricted in a college going student as the poor guy is busy in his academic and social life that hairstyles are nothing just brushing your hand through your hair and whatsoever turns out to look good results in the days hairstyle.

10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles

This the reason why in college the popular styles of hairstyles are the ones which a medium in size ( talking about hair size ). This is because they are very easy to maintain and the look what they impart to you is something just different and uplifts your look completely. They can be altered at any point of time. In college they usually expect discipline in the way you dress according to particular college norms but this can be achieved by having medium sized hairs as they can be styled according to college whenever possible and also be a party kind of a hairstyle which is a bit more funky and more crazy if you have medium sized hairs. In this current generation most of the young men want to stand out in the masses and also look unique in the most stunning way possible. But for this there are many different styles depending on you face structure, face style, face type, hair thickness, and even depends on the personal taste of yours as you choose what goes on best for you but the option provided below will help you in decided which goes best on you and make you look simply fabulous.

  1. Comb over haircut –

    Comb over haircut, Hair highlights, Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut
    Comb over haircut

    Comb-overs are one of simplest ways to jack your style up. To obtain this look you need to cut the sides short and make it shorter than the hair on the above. The hair above is medium. Comb over haircut  medium hair is ten combed back and also stays that way. Usage of any gel to make it stay that way is the best way to keep it throughout the day and get you that class look. But for this you need to have no facial hair of whatsoever. Your jawline must be in the shape of a ‘V’ from the front and should have a stream-like flow. The hairstyle just gels with your body is everything is done properly.

  2. Hair  Highlights –

    Comb over haircut, Hair highlights, Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut
    Hair highlights

    These are nothing but adding a bit of zest in your life by adding a few shades of colors to your hair to get the edge of making an impression on the first day of college. This only looks good if you have a wavy pattern like hair and also possess hair which is long and can be formed into any style. Hair highlights for brown hair sure does bring out the depths and forms of your hair which gives you a class apart look from the rest. This generally looks good if you trim your facial hair as it adds intensity to the colored hair giving you more of an appealing factor.

  3. Medium and wild –

    Comb over haircut, Hair highlights, Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut, Bonding hairstyles
    Medium and wild

    Medium Length hairstyles is one of the most trending styles for guys in this current generation. This is mainly for the people who hate gel and want their hair to just swirl around with the wind. But to get this kind of a hairstyle you need to have straight loose hair. Divide half of your head in two partitions and then slightly comb one side the other side and the other side sideways behind the ear which gives it that layer and also gives it depth in bringing out the natural texture of the hair. This is a bit messy while you’re at the salon but worth every penny to obtain a look like this. But this goes really well with a beard as this gives a lot of shades of colors and contrast which brings out the depths of your face and hair structure.

  4. Ivy league haircut-

    Comb over haircut, Hair highlights, Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut
    ivy league haircut

    These styles of haircuts have been around for ages and the Advent of such kind is nothing new but for college students especially guys anything could look good. This type of hairstyles is perfect for lectures, part occasion as it brings down the innocence within you as well as the wild side during parties altogether. Just wet your hair and make sure that while using your hand you push all of them towards one side only. This results in an absolute dazzling look ready to impress people all over again. Ivy league haircut is mainly meant for people who have no facial hair at all cause with facial hair it just wouldn’t gel along but without it, it gives you the importance for anything first as priority is in your hands.

  5. Bonding hairstyles –

    Medium Length hairstyles, ivy league haircut, Bonding hairstyles
    Bonding hairstyles

    By birth, if you are born as a blonde and regret it, there’s nothing to regret about as beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So if you have straight Bonding hairstyles then make it messy on the top and also make it a bit shabby too all with the help of the top of your fingers to get the look and with a hair spray set everything to get the disheveled look. Don’t overdo it as it may ruin the look what you have just obtained. Regardless of this, a person with a beard could try some other styles as this would not suit them at all.

  6. Fohawk hairciut-

    ivy league haircut, Bonding hairstyles, Fohawk haircut,
    Fohawk haircut

    If you are looking for some major fun and to look dashing at the same time then this is the style for you. Leave the sides short and everything else long for you to witness this kind of style. Fohawk haircut goes really well with a beard and with people having a streamline jaw also. But for all the attention you have to a pay a price as for making this kind of hairstyle you require time depending on the way you want to set it, but If you master it in setting it in one go then your unstoppable.

  7. Textured spikes –

    ivy league haircut, Bonding hairstyles, Fohawk haircut, Spik hair, Pampadour hairstyle
    Textured spikes

    The obvious choice for all the college guys as this is something which is stationary ever since we were kids. Just take your hands and pull all the hair upwards creating a spiky look which only takes about 30 seconds to make. This suits best for trimmed bearded people. Just give this a try and I can assure you that trying something else out would be a really tough task in the end. But this is an amazing hairstyle for the guys who have medium size hairs and looks absolutely brilliant on them.

  8. Long hair with bangs –

    Spik hair, Pampadour hairstyle, messy hairstyles men, long hair with bang
    long hair with bangs

    Long hair with bangs revolution in the fashion industry as long bangs are the ones which everyone goes for. They are tough to attain but needs special attention for it to stay there but in the end the effect and the depth of field of the hair that is being showcased is quite spectacular. But people with wide foreheads generally go for such styles and gives them a really original look. But depending on your hair go sideways or just roll it down if curly, in the end it all comes down to you is what to choose. Also this goes well with a clean shave look.

  9. Simple hairstyles –

    Pampadour hairstyle, messy hairstyles men, long hair with bangs, simple hairstyles
    simple hairstyles

    The very first haircut is something what is being contemplated over here. For this look just shave the sides and leave the middle medium. Simple hairstyles gives you a really simple and clean look without even doing anything. If you want to get any style on it just take a brush or your hands and pull it upwards and the seal everything with a secure spray. This goes well with a trimmed beard and also gives a real manhood feeling.

  10. Modern pompadour hairstyle –

    Bonding hairstyles, Fohawk haircut, Spik hair, Pampadour hairstyle,Bonding hairstyles, Fohawk haircut, Spik hair, Pampadour hairstyle
    Pompadour hairstyle

    This kind of Pompadour haircuts is rip off as this is a eye catcher wherever you go. This is a look tough to attain but once achieved there’s no looking back. If you have long hair then take some gel and make a pompadour ( like a cone sort of a thing ) which will not only look nice but also get you compliments all day long. But try this with your own will as there is a lot of gel required and also requires quite some time for its formation. This is generally beat suited to people without beards.

  11. Messy hairstyle men-

    Fohawk haircut, Spik hair, Pampadour hairstyle, messy hairstyles men
    messy hairstyles men

    Messy hairstyles men are one thing that college guys are famous for. As this is the best method to obtain a really special look with absolutely no effort at all. These are also generally meat for the guys who are no friends with the brushes and like using their hands. This look can be obtained only by have medium short hairs as these are spikes which run through the entire middle of your head. Just apply some amount of gel on the tip of your fingers and rub it all across your head and create the point hat you want but remember to get messier to get a really natural and interesting look. But this is one look which may look good with beard or without beard and almost anyone can have such a hairstyle as it a universal style and any guy can make it as there are only few kinds of hairstyles which anyone and everyone can do.

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